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We are rooted in South Florida
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Tree trimming service
Wood chopper for mulch

 Tree Trimming - Crowning top of tree
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 James Roman Tree service



Stump Grinding

Debris Removal


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Kendalltown commercial Kendalltown cutting large tree Removing a large dead tree Kendall, FL Crew member standing by tree being removed Cutting tree to its base James lifting cut stump Stump grinding in Kendall, FL Taking a break by a cut up tree trunk J.A. Roman and some of his crew James Roman taking a break J.A. Roman Tree Service truck Tree and palm removal in Pinecrest, Florida Tree service crew trimming tree Tree service crew trimming tree Wood chipper used by clean-up crew Trimming with extended hand pole Precision tree trimming with extended hand pole Precision tree trimming Whitefly control sprayer Precision tree trimming James Roman - precision tree trimming James Roman climbing tall tree James Roman enjoying the view James Roman climbing tree Climber cutting down a tall tree Making mulch in Pinecrest, FL Taking a large to its base in South Miami Keeping site clean while crew works Stump taken down to the ground Precision tree trimming Precision tree trimming Presision tree triming along road in Pinecrest, FL J.A. Roman's  red service truck Tree debris removal Tree service truck Wood chipper Crew member making sure everything is right J.A. Roman whitefly control spray truck Stump grindging and removal in Pinecrest. FL Stump grinding and removal in Pinecrest, FL
JA Roman Tree Service Pinecrest FL JA Roman Tree Service James Climbing JA Roman Tree Service clean-up crew JA Roman Tree Service cutting down some trees JA Roman: James relaxing on a tree removal JA Roman Tree Service: James being James part two JA Roman stump grinding one JA Roman: James doing what he loves to do James A Roman Tree Service: Stump grinding two Pinecrest, Fl area tree service JA Roman cutting branches

J.A. Roman Tree Service

"Rooted in South Florida"



  • Kendall

  • South Miami

  • Palmetto Bay

  • Cutler Bay

  • Pinecrest

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