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Trees are givers of life that produce oxygen, reduce heat with their cooling canopies, and increase the aesthetic value of homes when properly maintained.



We are presenting 5 simple reasons to prune or trim your trees in South Florida. You will notice that these five reasons are not mutually exclusive, nor do they stand alone, but are all interwoven.  For example, pruning promotes growth and overall strength, which controls disease and  improves aesthetic appeal, which can increase property value.


1) Improved health of the trees


Pruning is not reserved for older trees, and should be performed at all stages of a tree's growth to encourage overall vitality. Trimming trees stimulates new growth and controls the overall balance of the tree. Pruning can control the size of the tree and improve the inner flow of nutrients throughout the tree, promoting more flowers and fruit. Properly pruned branches increase the flow of air to the flower and fruit helping fight off diseases and pests.


2) Personal and property safety


Pruning will maintain the balance of the tree which can avoid it from falling over or outgrowing the property areas. Safety of people, pets and property can be enhanced by removing wayward branches and dead branches which can fall on roofs and patios.


3) Identification and controlling of disease


Scheduled pruning allows for early detection of possible diseases like whitefly and fungal diseases. The sooner a disease can be diagnosed the more likely that your arborist can treat it. Potential illnesses need to be evaluated for a proper diagnosis and relevant treatment. Early detection is the key to the tree's survival or need for extraction to safeguard your other trees.


4) Air flow control


Overly dense trees with intertwining branches that do not allow the flow of air are a hazard to the wellbeing of the tree during even the lightest wind storm. South Floridians should have their trees pruned to ensure  adequate air flow through the branches. This allows for the tree's overall health by providing needed sunlight, air flow and rainwater, and protects the property. Airflow control can actually direct air through corridors within the property, giving a cooler surrounding temperature.


5) Aesthetics and property value


Proper tree trimming can provide controlled shade and sunlight throughout the property, giving you shade you can enjoy all year long in the yard while still allowing sunlight in the kitchen or other areas of the residence as desired. Beautifully maintained trees enhance the surrounding property and can increase the property's appeal and value.



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FIVE reasons to trim your trees in South Florida