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Kendell Town, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Cutler Bay

J.A. Roman Tree Service was out helping clients prepare for hurricane Irma. “We took the warnings seriously and recommended to our clients that they do so as well”, said J.A. Roman Tree Services owner James Roman. A week before landfall we started working around the clock, aerating and trimming unsafe branches. The precautions taken paid off for our family of clients.  Yes, they lost branches, but not a single one of our trees was uprooted!  We consider our long time clients as family, and as such we look after them. The day after Irma passed through, our crew was out in KendallTown, Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest, clearing driveways of fallen trees, and safeguarding property.


There are hundreds of “tree trimmers” to choose from after an emergency like Irma, but will they be here tomorrow if you need follow-up help? We are here for you today and we'll be here for you tomorrow. You can count on it.


We are rooted in South Florida, Tree service is our business not a passing opportunity.


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