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Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but can pose a real liability hazard to property owners if not removed in their entirety. Tree trunks need to  be removed / ground to mulch to:
  • avoid future shoots from growing
  • avoid hazard to lawn equipment
  • avoid driveway and sidewalk damage
  • avoid foundation and sewer pipe damage
  • avoid insect infestation from invading the dead stump
  • Increase property useable space
  • add new trees and/or landscaping
  • increase property value and curb appeal
We know our local Florida tree rooting systems and what it takes to completely remove any size stump and rooting system. We first take the stump to ground level with chainsaws, then use the appropriate mix of stump grinding machinery and manpower to ensure proper and safe removal of all tree stumps, large or small. We don't stop there! We fill and level the area with its own mulch and leave the area pristine.
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