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We at J.A. Roman Tree Service provide professional dedicated tree services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Your arbor needs with be dealt with in a professional, timely manner and all of our years of experience and dedication will be concentrated on your property and your total satisfaction the first time every time. We are rooted in South Florida!
Our understanding of local arbor tree pruning, Dade County regulations, Florida Power and Light requirements and seasonal weather patterns helps property owners make more informed decisions regarding hurricane preparedness, seasonal examination of arbor and landscape for nutritional supplement needs, whitefly control and effective use of Dade County bulk waste service.


Proper professional tree trimming is about utilizing proven industry-standard pruning techniques developed for South Florida vegetation in order to keep our trees vibrant, disease free, and promote new growth and air circulation. We understand that trees are an important part of our world and fundamental to our local ecosystems, having both environmental benefits and adding beauty. But, there are times when tree removal is needed. Let us recommend the best procedure to safeguard the surrounding landscape and structures.
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South Florida has a medley of tropical fruit bearing trees from coconut to mango and every conceivable fruit tree in between. Tree spraying here requires an extensive understanding of spraying techniques and the proper ingredients for the job to promote the longevity of the tree and keep the nutritional and safety value of its fruit. It takes the right combination of chemicals, equipment and expertise to accurately match our specific ingredients to your goals. Whether it be the mango trees in your back yard or a royal palm lined commercial estate, we have the expertise, machinery and manpower to diagnose and treat your specific needs.
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J. A. Roman Tree Service, treats all commercial or residential jobs with the same professionalism at a fair value. Whether you are a commercial property like Kendalltown with over 5000 trees spread over a 10 acre property, or a single home residence in Pinecrest, Florida, you receive the same attention and service. We can synchronize our tree services to maximize your Dade County provided (free of charge) 50 yards of debris removal utilizing proven stacking techniques to guarantee maximum free pickup, or remove the debris ourselves. We offer professionalism and expertise at a fair price on all jobs, large or small.
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Debris removal isn't simply about taking the cuttings away. It's about finding the best and most economical way of leaving the property clean of debris, whether by pre-planning the effective use of Dade County bulk waste service (up to 50 cubic yards per fiscal year), mulching / spreading the cuttings, or simply hauling the debris away in our trucks. We pride ourselves in exceeding our clients’ expectation regarding after the job clean up. Our goal is to leave the property as it was found by raking, blowing, or whatever means it takes to leave a minimal footprint of our time on the job.
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Tree stumps are not only unsightly, but can pose a real liability hazard to property owners if not removed in their entirety. We know our local Florida tree rooting systems and what it takes to completely remove any size stump and rooting system. We first take the stump to ground level with chainsaws, then use the appropriate mix of stump grinding machinery and manpower to ensure proper and safe removal of all tree stumps, large or small.
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JA Roman Tree Service Located at 1553 S.W. 102 CT, Palmetto Bay, Miami, FL. Phone: 305-213-2777. .
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