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Palmetto Bay Tree Trimming Project



This is a project very dear to our hearts since we have been pruning these trees from their beginning over 17 years ago and they are going strong! When trees are lined up closely together, as these are, they can form a sort of barrier wall which stops air flow completely and can cause the trees to be toppled or sheered by strong winds. South Florida weather can bring major wind gusts, not to mention hurricanes, so we decided to aerate the center of the trees as an experiment to allow maximum air flow through and around the trees.


We pruned the trees in such a way as to allow air to move upward and downward freely through the center of the tree cluster. The wall stopping wind effect is minimized, while maintaining the lush cluster look from the road. The center aeration allows for added sunlight and rain flow and looks beautiful. This project worked so well that we have implemented it in numerous locations throughout Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and Kendall.





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